Essay on The Impact Of Media On African American Hair

2307 Words Aug 22nd, 2016 null Page
In todays society the media constantly shows and glamorizes the hair of other races outside of African Americans. The term “good hair” is often associated with straight, long and silky hair types. Instead African American women hair is associated with terms like thick, kinky and nappy. These aren’t just terms anymore that are used freely instead, they’ve become very stereotypical and judgmental to the black race. This puts pressure on African American women to feel doubtful of their natural hair, so much that black women use chemicals to make their hair silky straight, which ultimately result in damaged hair. This has become such a controversial issue that the “Natural Hair Movement” has started all over social media. Not only does the media play a part in degrading African American hair, but it pressures African Americans to conform to the media and society’s “good hair” standards by altering or covering up their natural or chemically treating it. In reality, all hair is good hair despite your race and a person’s hair does not particularly define them, but stereotypes have forced even African Americans to think otherwise, along with other races.

In the film “Good Hair” produced by Chris Rock he explores the term “good hair” in African American culture, in the form of comedy and a documentary. While visiting multiple hair shows, hair salons and interviewing female and male African American celebrities he learns all about Black hair culture. The film was initially created…

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