Goling Dusk By Gwendolyn Brooks

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The year is 1924 the roaring twenties were still in swing, prohibition is still intact and a young Gwendolyn Brooks has found a love for poetry.To her poetry is a fun hobby to do in her free time. Little does she know this fun hobby of hers will lead her to become an iconic American figure. Gwendolyn Brooks was and still is a passionate inspirational writer to people across the world. She constantly thinks outside the box to not only inspire other people but inspire herself as well easily making her one of the most important literary figures of our time. Fear of failure was not installed in Brooks head as a child. Her father, David, was an aspiring Doctor who could not afford medical school so instead he became a janitor in order to take …show more content…
One day a curious 15 year old Brooks stumbled upon “Caroling Dusk”. A collection of poems from black poets such as Langston Hughes, Paul Laurence Dunbar, Countee Cullen, W. E. B. Du Bois, to name a few. She had known about Langston Hughes previously and had actually met him when he did poetry readings at her church. She even gave him a couple of her poems for him to read and was surprised when he read them in front of her. He praised her for her writing and encouraged her to write more. Langston became one of her biggest mentors and …show more content…
She admits she owes a lot of her success to Inez Cunningham Stark. After taking a workshop in 1940-1941 to learn her modern style she wrote “Gay Chaps at a Bar” which won the Midwestern Writers Conference prize in 1944 and she again won in 1945 with “The Progress”. The workshop also helped her hone her technical skills which was obvious with her success a couple years after.
Gwendolyn Brooks was a pleasure to research. From her complex and thought-provoking poems to the way she held herself, I enjoyed absolutely everything about her. Brooks was a pioneer in helping create the modern day style of poetry. Without Brooks we would not have such passionate real pieces such as “I Am Black” or pieces that challenge people to think such as one of her more famous and analyzed pieces “We Real Cool”. I can honestly say she is now my favorite writer and I will look to her example to better myself in not just my writing but everyday

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