Racism, Prejudice, And Discrimination In The United States

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We supposedly live in a country perceived as a post-racial society which have no means of treating anyone differently merely on the distinction of skin color. Centuries ago, our government was created to further extend the prosperity of America through something called "Manifest Destiny." It stripped millions of Native Americans off their land which was rightfully theirs along with the mass genocide of their peoples. In the process of obtaining our God given land, we enslaved millions of Africans and hired other Africans to capture their own kind, in exchange for freedom and goods. The institutional segregation of African Americans instilled a subconscious segregation between whites and black. Objectifying women for their bodies and …show more content…
African-Americans have been enslaved from their countries, colonized, and stripped of their culture, and used for resources. After occupying and ruining these countries over the course of centuries, the white man drives these natives to leave their homeland, and move to America to seek a better life. In those many centuries, the system was set up to privilege white people in every conceivable social, political, and economic opportunity. There various types and levels of racism towards the black community, most notably the mockery of their culture. African-American females, I find, are most oppressed in society today because they are shamed for having braids. They are shamed for having big lips, and big butts, and the melanin in their skin. We see little girls are choosing to not go outside because she 's afraid of getting too dark. Being called "ratchet" or "ghetto" for having braids. We live in a society where Eurocentric ideals of beauty make little black girls question whether they are beautiful enough, and perpetuate that if you don 't have light skin you aren 't pretty. This society tells these little black girls they aren 't beautiful, and sadly, they believe it. Not only do we shame these qualities of black women, but we praise them when white women choose to use it themselves,

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