Industrialization And Urbanization In The United States

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Just as today, the industrial and urbanization was a significant apart of the American culture during the nineteenth century. Industrialization and urbanization, were like two gigantic hands touching the spinning clay on a potter’s wheel (Stubblefield & Keane, 1994). The inflexed of immigration in American change the way many structures grown and the United State begin to change to accommodate those measures. In the 1880s, the beginning of World War I, a new wave of immigrants from the peasant population of eastern and southern Europe settle in American cities (Stubblefield & Keane, 1994). This new movement allowed for whites and African Americans to begin to move to urban areas within the United States.

The need to increase
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The idea of “Americanism came about around the 1916 presidential race (Stubblefield & Keane, 1994). During this time, the adult education awareness increased as policymakers begin to understand immigration and keeping America safe. Later, the National Defense Act of 1916, which called for soldiers to receive both military training and education to prepare for jobs in civilian life (Stubblefield & Keane, 1994). Upon the declaration of war in April of 1917, the army confronted the enormous task of classification, training, and morale, aided by psychologists at their own request (Stubblefield & Keane, 1994).
During this time, the federal government begin to train at land-granted colleges and universities. Linking the military with higher education institutions and with the technical and trade schools offering relevant skilled training for draftees became the take of the Committee of Education and Special Training, established by War Department (Stubblefield & Keane, 1994). Additionally, the military begin using English-language program, adding courses in citizenship, American history, geography and government (Stubblefield & Keane,

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