Argumentative Essay On Black Women

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I love black women. I love their curves and their flava. I love their attitudes and their intricacies. Black women are the ultimate puzzle. Sometimes you put the pieces together and you may not like the picture. But that is true of everyone. Black women do not hold a patent on being difficult to deal with. Black men, actually, have a huge stock in that area too.

With that said, my matter of interest is the image some of our black women portray. I am not referring to them dressing in a skimpy manner, showing too much T & A. The trend that is most frustrating for me these days is fake eyelashes, fake hair and fake body parts. In conversations with other men, we have never been consumed with a woman’s eyelashes. It has actually been a bit of a turnoff because they are so gaudy. It’s too much! So then I ask myself, “Why are women
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Recently, though, the tables have turned. Fuller lips and bigger butts are the thing. Even still, sisters, it seems hard for many of you to embrace yourselves, be yourselves, and love yourselves. Is that what it comes down to, self-love? Is that what is missing? I know we are all suffering the long term effects of slavery, Jim Crow, and institutional and systemic racism. Is this lack of self-love one of those effects? I am not saying it is all of you. I see the naturals and I see the head wraps. But I also see the waist shapers, the blonde dyes and the weaves and …show more content…
You are exceptional enough to make the rules, not follow them. If there is anyone’s fashion trends you need not follow, it would be those set by your imitators. Real men don’t find those trends attractive. Actually, it confuses us! Trying to figure out real from fake, man from woman. Melinated people, may our energies someday soon re-align and our relationships slowly heal. Lord knows that our survival depends on

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