Essay about Should Youths Join Gangs?

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As a sociologist studying why youths join gangs, the approach that would be taken is the inductive approach. A sociologist should aim to answer questions as; do youths join gangs to gain a social status within their community? Or do they join gangs as a mean of protection? A lot of factors play a significant role in what makes youths turn to gangs. To make sure all possible factors are looked upon, it would be key to, observe youths within gangs and then base your hypothesis off of your observations. During the observation period, we would collect and analyze data related to the behaviors of the youths in gangs. This data and analysis would then be used to form a theory that is tested through the formation of a hypothesis (Kendall 40). Using the qualitative method, a direct observation would be used.
The qualitative method includes interpretive descriptions as opposed to statistics, to discover patterns and meanings of why youths join gangs. As a sociologist, I am looking for a pattern of emotions, values, and perceptions of why youths get involved with gangs, rather than statistical data. The qualitative research method would also be used, because, in order to not interrupt the study, the use of interviews, observations, and action research is going to be beneficial to the study (Kendall 40).
It is important to take into consideration the sample population before deciding what type of data collection method is to be used. When studying a subject matter that is sensitive,…

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