Essay on Globalization : A Global Era And Flow Of Information

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Every day, people from all over the world communicate, debate and negotiate with each other as if there were no borders between us. Activities such as transaction, banking, data transferal, trades, cultural exchange and technical collaboration are occurring globally regardless of the time or place.
This now is a global era and flow of information is swift and with very little restriction. Every news is up to date to almost every people. Globalization intended countries to dissolve their borders, un-restriction of trade, development of free tariff zone and advancement of technology.
Thus, globalization has become inevitable and has turn out to be one of the most talked about academic subjects.
Globalization is actually a process by which businesses or other organizations start an international scale operation or develop international influence as described by Oxford Dictionaries (Anon., 2016)

Critical Issue
Many authors had defined globalization in different ways; (Al-Rodhan, 2006) stated that globalization is complex and multifaceted. (Al-Rodhan, 2006) also identify globalization as a continuous process and could not be frame within a period of time and could not be able to define its beginning and end.
Some of the authors pointed out that globalization is the root cause of economic crisis, job insecurity and uncontrollable capital movement (Garrett, 2000) and (Naim, 2009). But (Naim, 2009) also described that Globalization itself is the answer to all those…

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