Understanding My Racial Identity Is Always A Challenge For Me Until College

1092 Words Aug 24th, 2016 null Page
Understanding my racial identity was always a challenge for me until college. From kindergarten until second grade my younger brother and I attended a very small private school in Georgia. The entire school consisted of about fifty students, and out of those fifty students there were only three Black students, including my brother and I. During that time I began to understand that I was different, I knew I was brown, and they were not but I did not fully understand what our differences meant. My parents always tell me how friendly and sweet I was until second grade, they would say that I would hug everyone and I was always a joy to be around until one particular day. I went to hug a girl in my class and she pushed me away because her mother told her not to hug people like me. My parents said that I came home from school confused and upset by what she said, and from then on my personality towards white people drastically changed. This next phase in my life is called Jack and Jill, my mother had just made us join Jack and Jill, we were now apart of this organization with families who seemed to have it all together, children who dressed just like me and acted like me, etc. It was great because I missed simply being around what I considered to be “normal black people” at the time. Middle school, however, was by far the hardest time of my life when it comes to identifying my racial identity. Coming into Middle School I would dress very preppy, I wore nothing but…

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