Essay about Benefits Of Genetically Modified Food

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Genetic engineering is one of the most useful process for producing medicine, plants and animals with faster growth rate and higher nutritional value. However, the is also one of the most controversial subjects in the world, yet most of us are eating it every day. Products such as canola oil, biscuits and chocolates, soy mile, or tofu are example of genetically modified food. Canola oil is an important product used in cooking and therefore some of us consume it daily. Some concerns around the use of genetically modified foods include, companies being able to take control of the production of certain foods and also some plants can produce unexpected traits which could affect the nutritional value of the crops or cattle in some cases.
Biologically background of genetic engineering
Genetic engineering is process of transferring genes from one organism and transplanting them into the chromosomes of another organism. The genes which were transplanted from the other organism is now incorporated into the reproductive system of the organism and is able to replicate in the organism genotype and therefore develop favourable traits for human being. These traits include rapid growth, increase in the nutritional value, and developing medicine such as insulin for diabetics. Genetic engineering involves many complicated steps and highly develop gene technology. These steps are highlighted below. (see diagram below)

Production of insulin through genetic…

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