Does The Extra Assistance Provided Through Affirmative Action?

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And Still We Rise is a very impactful book, which brings into the spotlight the drastic measures to which African American students are disenfranchised, throughout their high school education, as well as throughout the college application process. The book is comprised of many underlying messages and intellectual questions that make the reader consider what it means to be American, what the American Dream means to those affected by discrimination and also requires reflection about views on controversial subjects such as affirmative action and welfare. One of the most impactful messages throughout this book was the message about affirmative action. The implementation of affirmative action is a controversial subject throughout the nation. Many people, such as myself prior to reading And Still We Rise, believe that this should be eliminated as a factor while considering college candidates. The people holding these beliefs, have the mentality that it provides an unfair advantage to students of varying races. However the messages portrayed throughout Miles Corwin’s book validate the extra assistance provided through affirmative action is indeed necessary, as well as beneficial, not only to the students directly affected, but to the college environment as a whole. Before reading And Still We Rise my view was that affirmative action gave an unfair advantage to students simply because they were born with a different skin color. Affirmative action was originally created to…

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