The Advantage Of Affirmative Action

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Second, it is certain that affirmative action has benefited a group of people more than others. Initially, affirmative action was meant for federal contractors. Although, they were supposed to employee people without regards to their race, color, or national origin, studies have shown “that affirmative action helps white woman” (Nittle) more than women or men of color. In the Supreme Court case of Abigail Fisher versus the University of Texas, ironically, she is the type of person affirmative action benefits the most. But the ban of affirmative action has not always been a disadvantage for all minorities. In an article written by Glen Towns from the New York Amsterdam News, he mentined that African Americans have seen an increase in admissions at the University of California, Los …show more content…
In 2007, the University of California, Los Angeles offered admission to the fall season to nearly 400 Black students, compared to 249 in 2006. In addition, Native American’s have also benefited from affirmative action. Even though the life on Indian reservations is below the standard of living, affirmative action has created a group of educated elites that have benefited the community in creating large business. To begin with, at Texas A&M University, the admission in Chicanos and African Americans has dropped an average of 6% after the ban on affirmative action in 1997. Although Texas A&M University has not reinstated the use of race in there admissions the enrolment of Chicanos went up to

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