Personal Development Plan For Development Essay

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Personal Plan for Development
This report is a personal development plan that evaluates the strengths and opportunities for improvement in order for me to achieve my goal of a Masters of Business Administration from Cardinal Stritch University in May of 2018. It includes self-assessment, specific developmental actions with delivery dates, potential resources, and input from my mentor. It is a living document designed to measure success over the next two years.
Self-Assessment of Strengths and Weaknesses
Evaluation of program expectations and outcomes compared to my talents, skills, and knowledge provides a chance for me to stay ahead of my shortcomings. Thankfully, most of my weaknesses relate to knowledge, which can be learned. By contrast, many of my strengths relate to will, which is a better indicator of successful leaders than skilll (Fera, 2014).
My strengths include: resourcefulness, problem-solver, quick-learner, diligent, already embracing Franciscan values, creative, relational, and supported by family. My experience with process improvement methodology, project management, executive PowerPoint presentations, and ability to summarize complex information will be an asset for some of the course objectives. In addition, existing skills of time management and an attitude of inquisition require regular assessment to stay on course. Specific action steps are detailed in the Appendix.
Opportunities to improve are plentiful, however, I 've isolated four specific…

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