Importance Of Self-Assessment Worksheet

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Management 3120 changed the way I think about how I should perform. The self-assessment worksheets showed my strengths and weaknesses and from those I learned to plan and set goals. I also have a higher expectation for myself now.
In the management traits self-assessment, I found out that I like to work alone, is a self-starter, self-reliant, trustworthy, fair, and loyal person and working with others and being able to change are challenging to me. I feel that I can change to like to work with others more by participating, getting myself used to sharing ideas and training myself to talk more and getting engaged with the work. That way, I wouldn’t feel awkward if I were to do group work later on in the future. But changing is hard, you need
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Those, I feel, are the traits necessary to change, to improve. Being able to reconsider and check your work are necessary to see if things are working out, if not, you reconsider and set new approaches. From that assessment, I was surprised to find myself a person who likes to “consider very few alternative options” and “make decisions quickly.” Considering few alternatives is bad because if you don’t have a back-up plan, it may lead to a crisis, a disaster. It also means that you didn’t plan enough. Making decisions quickly is also bad because it may lead to errors and mistakes that you don’t expect and can’t fix. But, on the other hand, if you don’t decide quickly enough, you may past a deadline and slow down a …show more content…
I can’t do multiple things at once, “have a hard time paying attention; my mind wanders when I’m listening to someone or reading,” “I have a hard time concentrating; I can’t do just one work/ homework task for an hour or longer,” and “I’m easily bored, distracted or interrupted while doing work/homework.” I have to practice paying attention and concentrating. If I don’t, I won’t be able to get anything done and be a slacker. This would bring down the progress of the business as a whole because I wouldn’t be able to know the company’s missions and won’t work hard toward them because I don’t know them. It is hard to get better in concentration and to do what you don’t like to do, but it is not impossible. I think I should set goals because it allows me and forces me to get something done when I know what I have to accomplish. I also have to set my priorities because I have to focus on the important things

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