Evaluating Myself

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Self awareness is key when evaluating yourself. Self awareness is important for finding out things about yourself that you might not have realized before. People often tell themselves lies about how they really are. This is called being “in denial”. This often causes many people not to learn how to improve themselves. JROTC teaches kids how to care about themselves and self evaluating. Some kids have already started or done evaluating themselves. Evaluating myself, I see that I am intelligent kid. I often get distracted by other people, things, and basic life. When I get distracted I forget about the thing I was doing. This applies to my grade most of the time. My parents have to remind me of what I'm supposed to complete.Another thing I have found out is that I'm able to not work so hard, but still have a decent grade. I have also …show more content…
I lie a lot when asked about things when I am feeling guilty. On the other hand I tell the truth sometimes when I am feeling not as guilty about the situation. I also give up on things quickly when they get too difficult. A key example is when I’m exercising and it gets too hard to accomplish. I tend to give up. My parents often help me by encouraging me to keep going. Another fact is rather or not I think about the consequences about what might happen if I crumble under pressure.
Overall I perceive myself as being a normal kid in all aspects of life except intelligence. Most of the time people do not have self awareness. In this case others have to tell them how they really are. I used to being denial about how I really am, but now I’m starting to find out things about myself everyday.Self awareness can help people detect flaws and also find out good traits that they have. Which can lead to better confidence and better performance either in school, at work, or life in general I hope that I can encourage others to have self

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