The Importance Of Self Evaluation

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Self-Evaluation In the fourth year review, according to the Copley Library Appointment, Rank, and Tenure Policy, “the candidate’s professional goals should include such evidence as a record of publication, progress in research projects, involvement in conference programs, and committee responsibilities” (p. 10). This self-evaluation provides a highlight of my accomplishments according to the four criteria and a reflection upon my strengths, my challenges, and my future plans. My aspiration is that this dossier will bring to light my reflection on prior recommendations and demonstrate my progress. Two of the essential components in my position as Reference Librarian and Coordinator of Instruction are reference work and information …show more content…
Initially, I was embedded in all sections of research classes when multiple sessions were offered. However, managing five simultaneous sessions proved to be unmanageable for one librarian. I invested time in creating tutorials to align with each concept for their research assignments. I plan to develop, maintain, and update scaffolded video tutorials for all research classes. As this program continues to grow and adds a School Leadership specialization and a new certificate program I will work with course developers, instructional designers, and faculty to provide the needed resources. In Fall 2015, I became the liaison to the Liberal Studies department. I will be working with the Liberal Studies students by being embedded in their capstone course and designing a LibGuide for their program. My liaison responsibilities to the Psychological Sciences department ended in August of 2015. I enjoyed working closely with the faculty to meet their library instruction needs and purchasing library materials to meet the needs of the Neuroscience …show more content…
In order to fulfill this requirement involving working on interdepartmental committees and special projects, I have collaborated with colleagues and served as a member of numerous committees including the Strategic Planning Committee. The focus of my university service includes expanding the understanding and integration of information literacy (IL) across campus through two years of service on the Core Planning Committee. This intensive and campus-wide collaborative work allowed me the opportunity to review the needs of different departments and work alongside colleagues from across the institution to make recommendations for a new core. I look forward to working with Copley’s Information Literacy Instruction Committee to effectively provide workshops on incorporating IL into courses, designing IL assignments, and ways to address the new Critical Thinking Information Literacy (CTIL) learning outcomes. My local, state, and national committee work build upon my upon my information literacy (IL) agenda. I am currently the Chair of LILI (2015-2016). This organization meets quarterly to promote teaching of information literacy with practical pedagogical presentations and an annual conference. My national committee work includes serving on ACRL’s Instruction Section IL Best Practices. I value

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