Essay on What Is A Roman Tribune

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What is a Roman Tribune, you may ask? First, let 's break the word up. In roman, the word means a native, inhabitant, or citizen of ancient or modern Rome. The word tribune is a person who upholds and defends the rights of the people. A Roman Tribune is an officer or leader the people chose to protect and have a voice to their rights to be citizens of the country. There were also many army tribunes and treasury tribunes to keep the peace and the enforce the people. It was created for the people to communicate with the leaders and discuss such problems and news around the country. The great power of the tribune was that they could veto any act or advertisement they wanted too with correct reasons. The history of a Roman Tribune started from 3 tribes. Ramnes, Luceres, Tities were the tribes where this came from. This system was for the people of Rome to pick the tribune. The people had to pick wisely to make everything even between all the tribes and nation. At first, the leaders of Rome picked the tribune. A person to become in the running for tribune had to have at least fifteen through five years serving the country in labor.The clothing of the great army roman tribune was wisely planned. The tribune dressed like a normal soldier in the army. It was very different because the upper class, men in charge, wore better armor to show class. There were ten elected leaders who protected the
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