The Oval Portrait By Edgar Poe Essay

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The Oval Portrait takes place in a dark room known as the Chateau, where the valet takes the hurt man to rest for the evening. The time of the place taken was during the night, around 1850. He described the place as “Its walls were hung with tapestry and bedecked with manifold and multiform armorial trophies, together with an unusually great number of very spirited modern paintings in frames of rich golden arabesque” (Poe, page 1). After noticing the aspects of the room, the narrator comes across a portrait that hadn’t caught his attention previously. The portrait was of a young girl that showed mainly her head and arms, “It was a mere head and shoulders, done in what is technically termed a vignette manner” (Poe, page 1). After admiring the beauty of this woman; the narrator decides to find more information about the portrait, “I sought eagerly the volume which discussed the paintings and their histories (Poe, page 1). The narrator learned that the painter was the husband of young woman. For days and hours, he sat painting this beauty, but neglecting her while being caught up in his art. After the excitement and being complete with this portrait he releases a loud cry, “This is indeed Life itself!” (Poe, page 1). But the damage was already done, the beauty of his wife was no longer present.
Hop Frog takes place in the King’s palace. The king, hop frog, Trippetta, and the kings seven members of council. The king, known as a jokester, always liked picking on Hop Frog and…

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