Walking And Biking, By Eric Carle, Like Brown Bear Essay examples

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Just like learning to walk or ride a bike, learning to read is one of life’s milestones. However, unlike walking and biking, reading skills are not suddenly obtained and then static throughout life. After learning to read initially, an individual’s reading skills, interests, and purposes further develop and change throughout their life. Furthermore, the means by which an individual improves their reading capabilities change over time as well. In the same way, I initially improved my reading ability and changed my interests through the help of my parents, then later my teachers, and finally, in spite of a dark period of little improvement, through my own effort. As a baby, and later as a toddler, my parents made a point to begin my education in literacy, my mother especially. She made a point to read to me nearly every day, and we frequented the library. As a toddler I loved to listen to books written or illustrated by Eric Carle, like Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? and The Very Hungry Caterpillar. After I grew tired of these, we moved on to books such as Goodnight Moon and The Giving Tree. Throughout this whole time period, my parents, and to some extent Sesame Street, were teaching my letters, and I was learning to read, mostly by exposure. When I first began reading on my own, my parents could not tell whether or not I was reading or had merely memorized the words to my favorite books. In the end, my reading stood up to a test, and my parents passed the torch…

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