The Cost Of Localization System Essay

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The complexity of the system is linked to the software and hardware components which use in the system. The increase in the number of components gives more accuracy and better performance of the system, but this increase causes destruction of other system performances such as the speed response, cost and energy efficiency [32]. 2.4.4 Cost
The cost of localization system is related to the price of all equipment’s of the system and the price of the operation and repair include the power consumption. Low costing is one of the many research challenges, however without impacting on the performance of the system.
For example, if high accuracy and precision are required in the first place, the RFID and Bluetooth are most chosen technologies, however if the low cost and fast implementation are the first place, the WLAN and the system that depends on the mobile communication systems are the best solution given [32].

2.5 The Wireless Technologies for Indoor Localization
The wireless technology used for indoor localization can be categorized depend on the different radio frequency it uses. Since the radio frequency less than 300 GHz is represent radio spectrum. Whereas the frequency of the wireless technology influences its abilities like coverage, wall penetration, and resistance to obstacles. Thus for different application there are three categories of wireless technologies: long distance wireless technology, middle distance, short distance wireless technology [33].


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