Essay The Theory Of Evolutionary Psychology

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The Lakatosian perspective The article starts off by providing a fantastic definition of what Evolutionary Psychology is: “… the application of the principles and knowledge of evolutionary biology to psychological theory and research” and posits that the, “central assumption” of Evolutionary Psychology is that, “the human brain is comprised of a large number of specialized mechanisms that were shaped by natural selection over vast periods of time to solve the recurrent information-processing problems faced by our ancestors” (Ketelaar and Ellis 2000). These problems could include things from selecting what foods to eat, negotiating social hierarchies, and selecting mates.
There are some critics of Evolutionary Theory who claim that it is not falsifiable primarily because it isn’t testable, but this is simply not true. For starters, scientists in favor of evolutionary theory have made many testable hypotheses and models that can be falsified. The Lakatosian model of science is more progressive in the sense that it, “can accommodate the development and testing of alternative explanations within the unifying frame-work of a single metatheory” (Ketelaar and Ellis 2000). This then gives the Lakatosian model the, “… ability to digest apparent anomalies and generate novel predictions and explanations” (Ketelaar and Ellis 2000). Contrastingly, the Popper method posits that theories are either consistent or inconsistent with data. According to this scientific method, we falsify as…

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