William Shakespeare 's ' Othello ' And ' Romeo And Juliet ' Essay

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The true nature of obsession manipulates a person’s character, forcing them to act in unusual ways, as if possessed by an involuntary need. An obsessed mind becomes intensely absorbed in the subject of the obsession to an extent that drives away the truth and realism in their values, morals and perceptions. William Shakespeare manifests this idea of an involuntary change in the play “Othello”. With similar views, this idea is identified by Baz Lurnham, Romeo & Juliet (1996). The exploration of the texts, discusses the obsessive nature of love and the inability to conform to society, and obsession can lead to tragedy and downfall. Throughout each of these pieces, the composers’ use of characterization depicts the true nature of obsession with themes of jealously, revenge, lust, love and madness. Obsession holds the ability to alter an individual in a damaging way. The obsession driven by lust and love, results in the ignorance to society’s expectations and values. In turn leading to the downfall of one. In Romeo and Juliet, as well as in Othello a woman completes the unexpected and marries someone of an unlike standard. Othello and Desdemona unite through their strong obsession with one and other in spite of their cultural and racial difference. Within 17th Century England woman were considered as objects and there was strong prejudice against coloured individuals. Desdemona was so deeply in love with Othello, a shift in character occurs with this obsession. “So much I…

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