An Age Of Cynicism Essay examples

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Chapter 7: (The Spoilsmen: An Age of Cynicism)
The Spoilsmen were also known as Robber Barons or Captains of Industry. From 1865 through the Industrial Revolution, they controlled most of the wealth, and thought that since they or their parents worked hard to get it they deserved it. The Republican Party was corrupt at this time, and was more successful than the Democrats. All the Republican Presidents during this time period were corrupt in some way, and even the leaders of the Republican Party were corrupt, men like Roscoe Conkling and James G. Blaine. In fact, there was so much corruption that reformers were few and frowned upon by the general public. Looking for an escape from corruption, the Democrats nominated Grover Cleveland for president. Cleveland became president in 1884. Yet even as president, Cleveland did not believe the government could do much to help the corruption. Thus Cleveland ended up being a disappointing president to the Democratic Party.
It is the reasoning of some that the Captains of Industry were self-centered people. They worked hard for their money, but did so at the expense of others, including their workers and smaller companies. Most of them had so much money they could spend a million dollars every day for years. They could easily have afforded to be more generous with their money, and spent it on the good of the poorer public rather than on the rich few. The Republicans’ corruption between the Civil War and the Industrial Revolution…

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