Essay on Short Story : Wait For Me

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"Wait for me?"


"Come on give me like 2 more minutes," I pleaded, running around my house like a crazy woman.

"Fine," Regina said, rolling her eyes and plopping down on my couch.

Ok I just needed to find the perfect shoes to go with my dress...

I went to my room and looked under my bed for my plain black flats. Since I was going to a party, I was trying to avoid my feet hurting from heels.

"Got it!" I yelled from my room and walked to the living room where Regina was now standing.

"One million years later you 're ready, what a miracle," Regina said clapping and I shook my head.

"Because of you, we 're going to be late to the party"

"Gina chill, you can never be late to a party where people won 't even notice. This is a carrington party, everyone would probably be too drunk to even notice..."

"Ugh whatever, come on if we don 't hurry, all the hotties will already have a girl to hit on," Regina said, causing me quickly pick up my purse and keys from the table.

I opened the door as Regina followed and after locking the door, we started walking to the party.

Brad Carrington 's house was only a few blocks away from my house and this wasn 't exactly my first time going there.

I forgot the exact address so I guessed the party was where I could hear the loud music blasting from blocks away.

After 5 minutes we arrived there and Gina and I looked at each other.

"Try not to get wasted like last time, I don 't feel like dragging you all the way home again," Regina…

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