The Corruption Of The Olympics Essay

1020 Words Aug 24th, 2016 null Page
Corruption in the Olympics Over the summer I, not unlike many others around the world, watched the Olympics. Next year, however, it is important to begin the process of converting the games to be more beneficial for everyone involved. As of right now, the Olympics are damaging to the hosts morally, environmentally and financially. Step one to purifying this major event is raising awareness. As people who have adapted to a life of luxury, it is not difficult to overlook the hardships that others are facing, especially when from their troubles blossom our favorite time of each quadrennial. Some like to live in ignorance of the crookedness around us, and I strongly suggest those people shove this paper in their assigned drawer for things that are too factual and disheartening for their eyes. Too “real”, if you will. If you’re similar to me and appreciate irony, read on. Olympic stadiums are huge and while it makes sense that it may be necessary to destroy housing in order to create space for it, Beijing went about this in an entirely insensible and extravagant fashion. 15 million people were displaced for the gymnasium, a large majority against their will with no where to go. One woman in particular shares her story. After being abruptly woken in the middle of the night by police she is dragged from her home. After resisting she is taken into jail and beaten. A group of officers told her, “today is the day you die.” They then proceeded to prop both of her legs up and do…

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