Student Politics And Its Effect On Society Essay

928 Words Aug 24th, 2016 4 Pages
There is a vital role played by students at every corner of the world during any movement. Firstly students come around forgetting the bayonet of law enforcement force. They started from their campus and extended it with so many colors to everywhere of their country. Sometimes their movement surpassed the boundaries of their country and becomes a global issue. The force and true spirit among them is the real power of beginning any movement, movement against any kind of oppression. By the same students have played a pivotal role during all the movements of Bangladesh history? Still they come forward during any significant moment of our country like the Shah bag Protest 2013. It is not possible to bring creative dimensions in movements without students. But in recent years, Student Politics or Campus Politics have been polluted due to misuse of power and having attachment of student leaders with many scandals. So there is a clear debate on the necessity of student politics. I personally support student politics otherwise we will have no national leader who can bear the Torch of the country. But we just need to find out the roots of scandals so that we may nurture them to secure our future. So let’s root out the bad attachments of student leaders.
But unfortunately, our campuses have become just play grounds for national and regional political parties. Sometimes political parties interfere in collage politics too. The result is disruption of classes, destruction of property…

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