Using Periscope For Your Business Marketing Essay

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Periscope Periscope is a newer mobile live-streaming platform that is simple to use for your business and fun. Savvy marketers use Periscope in creative ways to grow their businesses. Here are a few ways to use Periscope for your business marketing:

Live product demos
Launching a new product is more fun when you can share it! Periscope is the perfect platform to do that, and you can answer questions, share details, and even show them how the product works.

Share company or industry news
If there is a big shake-up in your industry, go to Periscope and break the news to your followers before it’s written about, and you’ll become known as the go-to source for industry information, and builds authority. Rather than writing and publishing a blog post, you can talk about what’s happening and archive it to post to your website or social platforms.

Connect with influencers
Connecting with influencers in your industry is simple with Periscope; simply show up to their broadcasts on a regular basis, ask intelligent questions and share their broadcasts via your social networking channels. This will get your noticed, and from there you can build a further relationship. Turn on notifications for brands or people you don’t want to miss as well.

Repurpose your broadcasts
Use your Periscope broadcasts as content for your other channels by archiving them and adjusting them to crop videos for YouTube or other social media channels. Turn on Autosave Broadcasts in your settings,…

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