Demi Karpouzos Case Study

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Show Notes – Episode 041
Guest – Demi Karpouzos
How Demi Karpouzos Has Mastered The Art Of Getting More Clients
Get more clients. Build your relationship with your audience. Earn more and love your business.
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In this episode of The Lifestyle Income Show, we talk with Demi Karpouzos, who is an author, speaker, visionary entrepreneur, adventure seeker, lover of learning, and a small business strategist. She is the definition of consistently pursuing and achieving your goals through professionalism and excellence. She has been a successful strategic coach for 6 years now.

Demi comes from a regular 9-5 job background where she worked for almost a decade for someone else, following someone else’s schedule, where in exchange for her
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• Create a product that values your audience. In other words, give a lot of value and people will want to see you/come to you.
How important is to have a business coach, especially when you are starting a business?
If you want to save yourself some time and heartache then a hiring a business coach is helpful. If you are a learning person and want to cut your learning curve in half and combine the strategies of someone who has experience in what you want to become an expert in, then hiring a business coach becomes vital.
However, when seeking a business coach seek someone who is just a few steps ahead of you. You need not invest in a coach who is popular in social media and comes with a huge price tag. Stretch yourself a little with your budget while finding a business coach, and do your homework, but remember you need someone who knows and can assist you in helping you in achieving what you need. Do a little homework and pick a coach who will encourage you at every step you take.
• Focus on building a database, building desire, rapport, and trust, culturing the relationship, and knowing how to use the right language to attract the right
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Demi specializes in helping budding entrepreneurs make more money and get more clients in their businesses by marrying marketing strategies and the mindset.

Just like most 9-5 people, she dreaded Sunday evenings, thinking about Monday morning grinds. She was always the ‘go-to person’ at work when people needed to discuss their problems or needed her opinion and she was the last one leaving work day after day. One day, one of her co-worker suggested her ‘why not become a therapist or counselor’ as she was so good at addressing the issue/s of others at work. This kind of stuck in her head, so she researched online and came across the world of coaching and started exploring the same.

One fine day, she quit her job without even serving her notice in order to pursue her dreams. She felt liberated, excited, and euphoric about her future, although it wasn’t the smartest thing to do without a plan, but she had to do for this for herself. She joined one of the coaching classes and got her certification. Her father was an entrepreneur and had grown up seeing her how father doing things at his time; so she kind of knew what running a business was like. She started coaching her friends to find out what her rhythm was and how it is all going to

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