Anti Semitism And The Nazi State Essay

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What is anti-semitism? What form did it take in the Nazi State?
Anti-semitism: hostile behaviour, prejudice and beliefs towards the Jewish population, simply because of the fact that they were Jewish, based upon stereotypes and religious views. Irrational fear/hatred. Dates back to ancient times.
Forms: physical- violence, attacks, massacre, murder, torture. Mental: Nuremberg laws, propaganda.

2. Describe the history of anti-semitism up until 1933.
Biblical times- Hebrews (early Jewish) refused to worship idols and were persecuted for it.
Anti-Judaism- Christianity were initially considered a part of Judaism (Jews do not believe that Jesus was Messiah like Christians do.) People believed it was the Jewish people 's fault that Jesus was crucified, considering it was the Jews who handed him over to Pontius Pilot. - considered to be cursed by God because of this. Rise of Christianity created divisions, making it more obvious that the Jews, who were no longer associated as Christians were to blame.
Ancient/medieval: Things such as kidnappings, Black Death, failed crops, and disasters were blamed on the Jews. (Scapegoats) - people found it easy it to blame things on the Jews

3. What was the holocaust? Why is it considered a particularly unique form of genocide?
Holocaust (Shoah): Genocide/mass murder by Hitler and the Nazis that resulted in the death of 6 million Jews.
Uniqueness: size and scope (numbers and destruction), more complex than any other…

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