How A Structured Interview Sheet Is Important For Hrm Essay

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Structure interviews
“A structured interview is an assessment method designed to measure job-related competencies of candidates by systematically inquiring about their behavior in past experiences and/or their proposed behavior in hypothetical situations.” (Structured Interviews. (n.d.). Retrieved August 21, 2016,) Having a structured interview sheet is important for HRM. Here you have a sheet with basic interview question that you have designed for the job. These types of structured interview questions can include the general purpose of the job; supervisor responsibility; job duties; and education, experience, and skills required. Having something like this in place help you get through the interview a whole lot easier. (Dessler G. (2014).Typical Questions. Human Resource Management (PP. 94). New Jersey, NJ: Saddle River) At my workplace I would do a job analysis of each job and would come up with a structure of questions that the interview would be able to ask during the interview. This would not only help speed up interviews but it would also help to where an interviewer could say they were treated different because they got different questions asked. The thing that caught my eye that I didn’t know about structure interviews was doing a job analysis. All of my interviews I have had come off a piece of paper and I always wondered why and how they got those questions. Reading this material helped me understand why a structure interview is put in place. I believe that…

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