Essay on I Am On The Right Path For My Future

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Being in the National Honors Society is one of the highest honors that can be earned by a high school student. It opens up opportunities for scholarships, looks great on college applications, and shows that I’m on the right path for my future. I’ve dreamt about being in NHS for years, knowing its strong reputation and prestige. Now that the moment I’ve been dreaming about is here, for once, I’m actually happy to say there was something my moms were right about.
My moms raised me with a strong set of morals, including, “hard work pays off.” Sometimes this can be discouraging, when you work hard but it doesn’t pay off as you’d like it to. I’ve always gotten the grades I strive for without much struggle. However, once high school started, everything became a competition. I work for weeks on a scholarship essay, and I don’t even place. I work for months to get something published, and I read other people’s names in the congratulations announcement. Who’s at the top of the class? Who’s going to win the end of year awards? When you consistently get the grades that I do, people just expect those grades. No one congratulates you on your hard work anymore, and you don’t always get recognized. Improvement is what gets recognized, but sometimes you’re so close to the top, and you don’t know what more there is to do. It seems like you work so hard, only to be told you didn’t work hard enough, or there’s more to be done. What is enough? you wonder. What did these people do that I…

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