Essay about Truman Capote 's The War Of The Clutter Family

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Truman Capote has done a wonderful job recreating the buildup of events leading to the tragic and brutal murder of the Clutter family. Readers can easily tell that Capote put a lot of time into researching this incident in order to create the most realistic retelling of the account. Capote uses several different strategies to keep readers engaged with the story, and to make it an overall phenomenal read. Some of these strategies include captivating the readers, engaging the readers, and making the story relatable for the readers.
Capote’s detailed documentary is written in a style that captures the reader’s attention, and keeps them wanting to read more by creating a suspenseful mood. The switching between viewpoints of the Clutter family and Perry aids in this effect. Capote gives just enough information for readers to understand what is happening, but an insufficient enough amount to keep them asking questions while they continue to read. The use of subtle foreshadowing keeps readers curious and anxious to read more. The story also flashes forward several times and includes statements from the future court trial of the murder, giving readers a taste of what’s to come.
Many different literary techniques are used to help readers connect with the story. Readers cannot help but empathize with the masterfully recreated characters. Capote really got into the characters’ heads and used direct and indirect characterization to help readers understand their lives and motives. Capote…

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