Essay about Zoltan Kodaly And His Kodaly Method Of Music Education

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One of the major innovators of music teaching methods is Zoltán Kodály and his Kodály method of music education. Kodály and his music teaching method pioneered the multidisciplinary dialogue between musicology, philosophy, and education in the classroom. Throughout his life, he brought forward new ideas on how music should be taught, and elevating current methods to allowing his students reach new heights.
He is frequently remembered for his popular singing exercises or teaching techniques and principles; however, it is his methodology and those techniques that he is truly remembered for in the world of music education. This methodology has impacted educators both in elementary and secondary schools and Universities around Central Europe and North America. This paper will discuss the history of the life of Zoltán Kodály, the principles of his music teaching methods, and the benefits the Kodály philosophy has on current educators.

The creator of the Kodály music teaching method was Zoltán Kodály. He was born on December 16, 1882, in a town in Kecskemét, Hungary, which is located in central Hungary. Kodály’s father, Frigyes Kodály, worked as railway officer, which caused the family to move around Hungary throughout Zoltán Kodály’s young life. As they traveled around the country, they settled in Trnava in northwest Hungary, now a part of modern day Slovakia. While in Trnava, Zoltán Kodály attended and completed elementary and secondary school and started his music studies…

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