Essay about Shared Decision Making For Health Care

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Shared Decision Making Worksheet

Before viewing the Shared Decision Making videos (two short links are posted in Module 8), please note your reactions to the following questions:

1. In the context of health care, what does “shared decision making” mean to you? How is this different from traditional patient-clinician communication?
Shared decision making is a relationship between the clinician and the patient. Clinician collaborates with the patient using current evidence as opposed to providers making decisions on behalf of patients.
2. Why do you think some people in health care might be skeptical of shared decision making?
Clinician’s prejudices and bias that patients do not want to get involved in shared decision making.
Cultural barriers may hinder shared decision making and so as clinicians we need to be culturally sensitive.
Time constraints may be a factor where clinicians have to see all the patients within a certain time.
3. How do you think shared decision making could improve health care? Do you think it could contribute to a “patient revolution?”
Patients are likely to comply with treatment if they are involved in health care decision making.

The clinician-patient relationship is established and a patient feels respected and is motivated to be actively involved in their health.

Shared decisions making may also reduce health care costs and re-admissions when patients are well informed and knowledgeable about their health.
After viewing the two short videos,…

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