Dr. Janet Abu Lughod Essay examples

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Dr. Janet Abu-Lughod is one of the most important and influential female historians. Abu-Lughod was an urban sociologist who taught at both the New School for Social Research, and the American University in Cairo, Egypt. In 1989 Dr. Abu-Lughod drew on her culturally diverse and scientific background and published a book titled Before European Hegemony, in this book she contends that Europe’s world economic system that developed after Columbus’ stumbled upon the Americas was not a new and original structure. The artifacts and sources from origins through the year 1500 that have been uncovered reveal that a roughly balanced, interdependent world economic system was fully developed before 1492, affirming Dr. Janet Abu-Lughod’s thesis. The first artifacts to examine come from the ancient world: 11,000-1,000 BCE. This period shows that economic systems and interdependence were already beginning to arise in their early stages. The First Mesopotamia Writing Tablet is a prime example of this. The tablet is thought to have been created around 3000 BCE, and shows multiple signs of economic and cross-cultural integration. This tablet was used for keeping records of imports, exports, and beer rations. The import/export records show that groups were trading with each other at this time period. This is important for two reasons. One, trade is, in essence, an economic system. The trade that took place at this time was likely very simple, but that it occurred at all provides strong…

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