Analysis Of ' Bless Me Ultima ' Essay

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1. A curandera, “is a healer in the tradition of native New Mexican healers” (pg.x). Curanderas use ancient methods learned by the Native Americans in order to heal people and help them. One of the main characters in the story “Bless me Ultima” acts as a curandera; her name is Ultima. Ultimas role in the pueblo communities of New Mexico was to basically be the doctor that the people didn 't have. Curanderas made people teas, cured broken bones, mixed medicines, and healed illnesses, but Curanderas were most known for “bringing harmony to the fragmented soul.”
2. As Antonio tells the story, he tries to make sense of the conflicts he encounters by relating them to his religion. Antonio 's mother always tells him about the future as a priest so he grows up being a “Luna,” on his mom 's side. His father and his family are considered more of “Vaqueros,” and being farming people. Based on what Antonio thinks and his actions, I automatically knew that he uses religion to make sense of the things that happen. In the beginning of the story, Antonios religion is based on God, as his mother raised him. When Ultima arrives, he starts to second guess the idea of God… Not that he doesn 't believe in God, but rather god is everywhere. Some factors that led him to believe in this were the Golden Carp and Ultimas healings. The Golden Carp is a huge golden fish that is “the lord of the waters” (pg113). Antonio 's friend Cico shows him the Golden Carp and he begins to believe in its powers…

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