The Lost Letters Of Pergamum Book Summary

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The Lost Letters of Pergamum, a book by Bruce W, Longenecker is a fictional book that gives multiple views of the culture of the first century Church. This book is described as fictional, but it is written in a narrative form. The letters in this novel are not made up letters but they were found and translated into English after being hidden in the city of Pergamum. They also belonged to Antipas, a Roman businessman at the time. These letters were written by Luke, Antipas and other essential persons in the first century Church. Some of the important individuals were both Christian and pagans of the first century Church and they represented the Christ movement and its effect on the many different cultures. Longenecker effectively presented Christ’s life through these letters and the effects of His influence on individuals. The author explored the final year of the life of a man named Antipas from the Book Revelation. He wrote about how Antipas was martyred for his faith in God in the city of Pergamum. This book depicts different views and principles of modern Christianity. The concept of a loving, caring, relationship with God was unfamiliar to many in the first century. However, in the end of the novel it represented modern Christianity by telling the story of Antipas being martyred for his faith in God. Overall, this book …show more content…
Pergamum is a known city for gladiatorial contests. Therefore, a letter is written to Calpurinus with an invitation to the seasonal gladiatorial contest in the city of Pergamum. Calpurnius is a benefactor of the people of Ephesus. He receives the invitation and decides to represent his city, Ephesus. However, a change in plans occur when Calpurnius’s brother son suddenly dies and he has to go to Caesarea to attend to his family. Luke comes into the novel when Calpurinus departs from Ephesus. Therefore, he begins writing to Antipas about Jesus

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