Family In Enrique's Journey

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Another important theme in Enrique’s Journey is family. This can be seen by, not only how the characters love each other, but by how they use that love to overcome hardships that they face. The first example of family in the novel is how Lourdes decided to move to America. No mother wants to leave their children, but Lourdes knew that moving to America was the only option if she wanted her kids to live a good life. Lourdes grew up in poverty and did not want that life for her family. Due to this, she made the difficult decision to leave her children so they could have a better life. Another way that the importance of family is incorporated is that Enrique went through so much to find his Mom. Enrique’s journey was not easy. Even after the …show more content…
One big example of this is when Enrique stole his Aunt's jewelry. He did this to get money for his travels, but it was still wrong. The true essence of family is shown when you read further and see Enrique’s Uncle Carlo's reaction.
Uncle Carlos knew that Enrique was troubled, and tried his best to help his nephew. He does this by, “finding him a $ 15-a-week job at a tire store. He eats lunch with him every day— chicken and homemade soup. He tells the family they must show him their love,” (Nazario, 118-119). Uncle Carlos does is best to show his support for Enrique. His actions allow us to see that the author wanted the family to be as loving and supportive as they could, even when that love and support was not really deserved. This shows a real family dynamic, that you have to stand by your loved ones when times get tough.
Another example of family is Enrique’s love for his daughter, Jasmin. Enrique did not have the best time coping once he got to America. He had issues with drugs and alcohol. His daugher was the reason he shaped up. Enrique wanted to give his child a better life, and knew that he had to be a better man to do this. This shows that family is valued in the book, because Enrique was able to use his love for his family to become a better version of himself and be successful in his

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