The Quintanilla's Cultural Family Assessment

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The Quintanilla’s Cultural Family Assessment How does one define culture? In our readings culture is defined as a set of shared views and adaptive behaviors that are derived from a variety of context (Plumer, 2013). When assessed properly a culture assessment could shine the light on a family’s culture norms, values, beliefs, and patterns of thinking, which then could help us heal our patients holistically (Friedman, Bowden, & Jones, 2003, p. 230). On topic, the family we will be assessing was proud and preservative of their culture. We will now discuss in more detail of the cultural family assessment found throughout the movie starring the Quintanilla’s.
Description of Movie Family The motion picture Selena is biographical musical
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The Quintanilla family being of Mexican descent had the common family power structure of the father being the head of the household making most of the power outcome decisions. Abraham was a tough authoritarian figure for the family, not only laying out the law for the family unit but made most critical decisions within the family and in the family’s music career as the manager of Selena y Los Dinos. Within the family, regardless of its structure, family members either by choice or not may have one or more designated role. Within the Quintanilla’s, family roles were shaped by traditional Mexican culture family structure. The head of the household was Abraham as sole breadwinner and Marcela as a homemaker and devotee of her husband and children. A role transition was seen when times got rough through a failed family business, Selena became the sole breadwinner for her family through her career, this had little to no effect on the family roles due to an established family …show more content…
The family was built on support and encouragement towards one another. Abraham was tough with his children at times but both parents provided control, provision, discipline, and nurtured their children with warmth and affection. The health care beliefs and practices of the Quintanilla family posed no real hazards. The family lived in a clean and sanitary environment. The family practiced a healthy lifestyle and obvious if needed healthcare readily available for the family due to social class. The Quintanilla’s had multiple family conflicts, economic struggles, and the road to fame came with many disappointments. Along the way, the respect for individualism, support towards one another, and healthy coping mechanism helped the family adapt to new situations and stress.
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