Rerynna Grande The Distance Between Us Analysis

Reyna Grande decided to write about her journey to The United States and all the struggles she was faced with in her memoir, “The Distance Between Us.” Through her story she conveys what it is like to be abandoned by both parents and the dreams of a child being destroyed. With the use of different literary elements, Reyna Grande helps one understand the struggles that she faced with going to“El Otro Lado,” the name she used to refer to The United States. Grande revealed her theme that some dreams are not meant to be and in the end all one can really hope for is happiness by utilizing tone and symbolism.
“The Distance Between Us” is about a young girl named Reyna, who was torn from her dream of living in a house with her family with a happily ever after when she was only two years old and her father left for his journey
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She is left behind along with her brother and sister in the home of their very stern grandmother who would chide them whenever they were in sight. Reyna had to learn to be self-reliant and strong in the absence of both of her parents. They were treated as if they were orphans and as much as they wanted to believe their parents had not completely forgotten about them, they could not seem to get it out of their minds. It became a lot harder for them once they were told that their parents were expecting a baby girl. The title she gave to book one gives you an idea of how much she struggled with believing her mother still loved and wanted them. She had to tell herself on a daily basis that her mother did indeed love her very much and the only reason she had accepted to go was to give them that big house they always dreamed of and that happily ever after they all so deeply yearned for. That dream is crushed when she takes her own journey to “El Otro Lado” and came to the realization that nothing was as she dreamed it would

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