The Presidential Election Of Hillary Clinton Essay

1059 Words Aug 22nd, 2016 5 Pages
Most people are very aware of the fact that this presidential election has brought with it many surprises. We had a Jewish socialist democrat almost beat one of the most powerful Democrats in the country and a former reality star win the Republican nomination. Even the most casual follower of politics knows that Trump and the Republican party have said many controversial things in this election cycle. We have seen minorities, women, religious groups, people with disabilities, newspapers, scientists, and politicians on both sides of the aisle be viscously attacked for something as small as a joke. Most people see this race as a spectacle and, now that Trump is dramatically dropping in the polls, that Trump won’t be able to do any harm to the country since Hillary Clinton will most likely win. This simply is not the case at all. Trump and the modern Republican party as a whole has done some real damage to our democracy already and continue to do some major body blows to it. They have created a scenario in which in the next four years we could see our Democracy get to the point where it would not be able to be repaired. The Constitution itself has been attacked by the Trump candidacy and specifically The First Amendment has been a major target. We have seen Trump threaten to ban a religion from being able to enter a country just because they aren’t the same as us. The land we live on was founded because some religious refuges wanted a place to be able to worship how they…

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