Movie Review : ' There 's Nothing Like A Good Indie Film ' Essay

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I always say, "There 's nothing like a good indie film." Well, at least, that 's what I say this year. I have only discovered the wonderful world of indie films in the past few months, but I 'm sold. When I happened upon the film How Can I Help? I was intrigued by the title and the premise. Furthermore, when Stephen Kassen (director, producer, writer, etc.) agreed to answer a few questions about the film, I was even more fascinated. With pleasure, he apprised me to a variety of things concerning the film 's purpose, the filming of it, and even what its future may be.

With William Kenny Behind the Scenes
With William Kenny Behind the Scenes RH: First of all, please tell us how you got started in the entertainment business and how you transitioned from acting to directing.
SK: I have always wanted to be an actor. I grew up watching television and behind-the-scenes footage. When my dad transitioned to buying DVD’s, I watched the special features and listened to the director 's commentary, which I recommend to anyone who wants to pursue film. In high school, when I got my first job, I would save a little money, and the rest went to college level textbooks. When I told my dad I wanted to go to film school, he loaded up the car, and we went across the country to look at schools. When I was at college, one of my professors saw that I responded to screenwriting really well. I was inspired by {Sylvester} Stallone, who wrote Rocky for himself and then Matt Damon and Ben Affleck who…

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