Essay on The Outcome Of Having The Strength Of Power Onward

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The Outcome of Having the Strength to Power Onward Nelson Mandela once stated that everyone at some point in their lives will face hardships, which can either shape or destroy them depending on how they handle these conflicts. However, if they don’t give up hope plus continue to remain strong and fight, lingering opposing forces will fail in trying to break their spirits. This quote has proven to hold a certain degree of truth to it and could describe the whole human race in a nutshell. Yet, despite these claims, a lot of people disagree with Mandela’s statement and think that it can’t describe certain people, is simply impossible in shorter terms, and that there’s not enough information in it to put much thought into it. Nelson Mandela’s quote is true because without the obstacles and struggles in one’s life, we wouldn’t want to change our lives, Mandela himself was partially shaped by his own difficulties, and thinking that extreme goals are foolish and that fighting with hope in your heart will get you nowhere can ultimately be proven false. Without the difficulties and hardships that inevitably come with life, the human race would have no true desire to change things, for example, their lives, even if some factors certainly need adjusting. In Nelson Mandela’s Long Walk to Freedom, the Europeans in South Africa, also known as Afrikaans, were extremely unwilling to change the government structure and laws simply due to the fact that they were content with how things…

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