I Think About What Being Deaf Essay

978 Words Aug 23rd, 2016 4 Pages
1.-When I think about what being Deaf is like I imagine a quiet life. Like you know that feeling when your ears are all clogged up and you can 't really hear anything, like the world feels congested? That is kind of how I imagine it is like except for you can not hear anything at all. I imagine it is a life of having to be extra cautious when out, and also a life of having to work around certain hurdles.
- I imagine that Deaf individuals go through all types of experiences that I cannot even imagine unless I was living through them myself. I imagine often they go through experiences of them having to explain they are deaf because most people would assume the person they are meeting is hearing. Times such as ordering food, or paying for groceries. I also imagine that getting pulled over by the cops, or being stopped at a license check would be stressful if the cop did not understand that they were Deaf. These everyday experiences for hearing people, are different for those in the Deaf community.
-I imagine there are many ways that being Deaf is different from my everyday life. I can hear when I am being called on the phone, or when the doorbell rings, Deaf individuals have to have special doorbells and phones so that they know that someone wants to interact with them. I imagine just interacting with others everyday is different from hearing people. I can hear my mother calling for me to come for dinner, I imagine that parents of Deaf children have to get their attention in a…

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