My Summer Internship At Hotze Runkle Essay

764 Words Aug 22nd, 2016 4 Pages
My summer internship at Hotze Runkle concluded in early August, bringing my total time with the firm up to about three months. Many of the daily tasks remained the same from the first half of the internship; my primary duty remained working with the asbestos paralegal on settlements in order for the clients to obtain monetary compensation from asbestos trusts. In the last month of my internship, however, the new practice area of pharmaceutical litigation was beginning to become fully functional and I assisted in the beginning of a mass tort project regarding civil compensation for victims of pharmaceutical negligence, particularly from the drug Xarelto. At the time of the previous journal, this area of practice was just beginning as the firm hired a new attorney with experience prosecuting pharmaceutical cases for the Texas Attorney General’s Office. Since then, they have hired a paralegal and an assistant to aid the attorney in commencing a mass recruitment of potential clients who have experienced health problems due to complications from Xarelto, a prescription used to prevent blood clots. For the interns, the first task was to search the files of current clients to compile a list of any clients who have taken Xarelto and could have a potential claim. At this time, the partners were launching an advertising campaign on multiple media outlets to attract potential clients. Once the attorneys reviewed a comprehensive list of potential clients, a mass mail out to hundreds…

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