The Study Of African Culture Essay

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Through the study of African culture, Adinkra Cloth has a list of powerful meanings towards it’s countries culture. It serves as an official dress for Asante funerals along with holding the ability to convey stories of wealth and prestige. Adinkra provides symbols and messages that is encapsulated in the whole body of Adinkra cloth, communicating a unique message or idea. The Adinkra Cloth is comprised of fabrics produced by the Asante people of Ghana. Passed through generations of history, their appearance and beauty have fought through competing and contested claims around gender and economic structure. The Adinkra significance is expressed through various themes of history, and beliefs in Asante- portraying the important role, the cloth plays towards its culture.
Symbols were used in traditional rites to depict an moral stance of that society, in regards to the ceremony. Demonstrating an awareness of the ways in which values and meanings are assigned to textiles. The Adinkra cloth is a woven strip, produced in a factory which is divided into registers. Each register has a repetitive pattern- recognizable or abstract, providing proverbs and images in the cloth. Those wearing the cloth need to be aware of what the patterns mean and represent as the cloth is being worn in affiliation with the diseased. Therefore, this requires the wear to hold an understanding of the patterns to honor the diseased, and what they meant for them in their lifetime. stamps are used while…

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