Analysis Of ' Death Of A Salesman ' By Eugene O ' Neill Essay

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The Fractured Family The theme of the fractured family in American drama focuses on a family with a variety of issues that cause an emotional rift between the members. Two classic plays that display this central theme are Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller, and Long Day’s Journey into Night by Eugene O’Neill. Death of a Salesman tells the story of the Loman family and its personal, emotional, and financial struggles. Long Day’s Journey into Night is a play that depicts the Tyrone family’s fights over the course of a day. The dramas contain a father-son relationship that emphasizes the theme of the fractured family. Biff, the eldest Loman son, is a thirty-five year old that still has not found what makes him happy. Jamie, the oldest Tyrone son, is an alcoholic who has a short temper. The oldest sons of the novels, Biff and Jamie respectively, have strong feelings against their fathers, and each contributes to the theme of the fractured family. Willie, Biff’s father, tricks himself to believe that one day Biff will get a job and make a living, even though Biff wants to leave for the West. On the other hand, James believes that Jamie is useless, and as he continues down the spiral of addiction, he will soon be gone. The relationships between father and son within the dramas express the theme of the fractured family as the sons’ disenchantment with their lives lead to internal problems within the family structure, such as arguing over their mother, differences between the…

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