Analysis Of The Poem ' The Suitcase Had Lying On The Floor ' Essay

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On Tuesday, August, 23, 2016 at approximately 07:00 PM, resident Ung Gi Koh came and asked Resident Assistant (RA) Todd McKinney about a "awkward situation" of how to carry unique, and possibly embarrassing personal items over to University Gates Apartments. RA McKinney suggested putting it in his suitcase that resident Koh had lying on the floor. Resident Koh liked the idea and took RA McKinney 's idea. At approximately 7:15 PM, resident Koh returned from his journey with the suitcase and told RA McKinney that his girlfriend at University Gates Apartment, was going to come get the items. Later at approximately 7:40 PM resident Koh returned to RA McKinney 's suite and explained that resident Koh 's suitcase had been stolen. RA McKinney asked resident Koh to recheck his room and then if he couldn 't find the suitcase to call police and safety. Meanwhile, RA McKinney had discovered a suitcase with a memo note that said "Jessie" on it, outside rooms 128-129. RA McKinney, knowing that resident Jessie Kibbe lived in room 129, knocked on the door and asked resident Kibbe if that was her suitcase. Resident Kibbe denied owning the particular suitcase. Meanwhile, resident Koh then walks out of his room and appears to be on the phone with Police and Safety. RA McKinney thought that it looked exactly like the one that resident Koh had earlier. So, resident Koh and RA McKinney went into resident Koh 's room to see what was in the suitcase because resident Koh "recieved…

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