A Interview On Sports Media Essay

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Just a month before school ended a friend of mine sent me an email about an internship at a sports media company called Mandalay Sports Media. After doing some research about the company and its background I was excited and eager to find out about the opportunity. I received an email address and sent an email about my interest. A few weeks later I was told I would be able to join the Mandalay team as a summer intern. Sports has always been my passion and learning a new facet about the sports world interested me greatly. Newhouse was a key factor for being successful at this internship. Newhouse classes taught me to always be prepared and look the part when going in for an interview or a first day. With lack of knowledge of dress code I show up to the office in slacks and a dress shirt, only to find the head of the company in the elevator with me wearing jeans and a zip up hoodie. Nevertheless my intern supervisor Trevor Gill was impressed with my attitude and my preparedness. Trevor tells me a brief history of the company as well as a tour of the office, which shared with another media company called Maggie Vision. Mandalay Sports Media is a sports media company originally located out in Los Angeles, but a couple of years ago, they wanted to expand with an east coast office. So they bought a small company called Roadside Entertainment, which is what my office used to be. They retained all the employees and essentially do the work they were doing under the name “Roadside…

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