Essay on Hitler 's And The Holocaust

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Hitler-having been subjected to an abusive relationship with his father, and later on losing both of his parents due to medical-related incidents-suffered greatly as a young man. This appalling past was the road to deicide. This deicide, or killing of God, was an open door for the Holocaust. Once Hitler was able to throw away his religion, he was open to immoral, and rather sinister ideas and influences. Hitler’s infamous Holocaust was intended from a relatively early point in time(Pre-WWI) and was the result of extensive planning. Hitler often clashed with his father, Alois. Sources have stated that Alois would beat and torture Hitler due to consistent abuse of alcohol. Hitler’s mother, Klara, tried to hide Hitler at times, but this would not stop the beatings. On January 3, 1903, Hitler’s dad passed away from apoplexy. Five years later, Hitler also lost his mother, who was defeated by breast cancer. A Jewish doctor who stayed with Klara until she died, reported that Klara’s death affected Hitler very profoundly and that he had never seen someone grieve as much as Hitler did on that day. In Mein Kampf, Hitler stated, “I loved my mother, and honored my father.” This sentence revealed Hitler’s true feelings for his parents. Hitler loved his mother very dearly for attempting to protect him from abuse, while he learned to honor his father although he was put through a lot of suffering because of that man. This also shows that Hitler still had a small sense of Christian…

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