The Creation Of Auschwitz's Final Solution

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The Holocaust concentration camp, Auschwitz, created a new definition to the word terror. Millions of Jews were sent to death camps and would “take showers” filled with poisonous gases. Train cars were filled to the brim with people from the ghettos who were then taken to Auschwitz to be murdered. Construction of Auschwitz seized millions of lives, immense and excruciating torture occured,families suffocated by poisonous gases, all because of their beliefs a new horror was brought to the world. The Creation of the Solution
Hitler had a “Jewish Problem,” and he saw no other way to seize his problem then exterminating every last Jew. Coming to power on January 30, 1933, Hitler became the Chancellor of Germany, and this gave him authority to
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The death camps were built to terminate the Jews and others sent their. Due to the construction of Auschwitz, homes were wiped out and demolished anywhere near the building’s site. Additionally, there were three branches of Auschwitz called Auschwitz-Birkenau and Auschwitz-Monowitz. They caused as much terror to the people as the original camp did. Hitler’s “Final Solution” came into play then causing Auschwitz to become the ideal death camp. Train cars full of Jews and others poured out into rows as they were selected for the gas chambers. Mainly, being a woman, child, or elderly meant they were unfit for work and would be sent to the “showers” immediately. Although, some prisoners, usually men, were put to work and would escape the deadly gases. Eastern Illinois University showed how another form of torture they were put under was the excruciating medical experiments. Escaping the horror of the gases didn’t mean they had received …show more content…
The capacity of Auschwitz was 90,000 people, and there were still piles of corpses once they ran out of space. At one point, the Soviet Union was moving in and the Nazis sent 60,000 people on a march to a different camp, and around 15,000 died because they could not handle the miles. Sadly, the Soviet Union did not arrive in time, and they arrived to heaps of thousands of corpses. Citizens everywhere watched as Jews were arrested and would act as if nothing was occuring right in front of

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